It has been a while since my last outfit post. Here is a shot of my living room with daylight. In the centre, you see the last work of art I purchased. I saw this photograph for the first time on a website, and when I saw it at a coffee shop in Cook St. Village, I knew I needed to have it.
The photograph was taken by Adam Gilmer in California. Take a look at his website!
The other two things you see there are a Malevich poster from the black-on-white series, and a red acrylic (which is the first artwork I ever bought).

Here's what I wore to the season finale of ANTM (creepy-chan got cheated out of the title!): handbag, lancel. tee shirt, james perse. balmain-insp-minus-glitter/sequins jacket, le chateau. jeans, 7 for all mankind (from Ish! clotheswap). boots, jeffrey campbell. amazing bracelet, on loan from kiki. also: i am trying to adjust myself to this closer-to-centre part. It's hard, okay.

and those freakishly large slippers? yea they aren't mine, theyre Nick's. I'll miss him when he's gone, best roommate ever. But thankfully our economist student subscription (see it on the couch?) is in my name, so I get to keep that! ha.


die tägliche revolution said...

i ADORE you're couch and your art (i've been looking for a white sofa like that for ages, exactly like that). love the outfit as well!


Victoria said...

I LOVE your couch, and your outfit. Thanks for the comments on my blog...I read yours regularly but I kind of suck at commenting :-)

Kiki said...

Best living room ever. I love your art. Someday when I have my own living room, it will rival yours! watch out!
PS. Still in love with that jacket. WHAT A STEAL.

PPS. Don't ever cut your hair.

call me glitter, little deer said...

pretty jacket, pretty bag.
and that couch looks soo cozy.

Kimmy said...

What a fantastic living space.
It is a physical representation of your inner coolness.

magdalyn said...

love everything! i really enjoy when rooms have those wall ledges and you can randomly place frames along them.
middle part + balmainesque jacket + james =killer