duo -- public/private spaces.

At Left:Lifesize Dollhouse by Heather Benning.
"This life-size dollhouse sits in a field in Manitoba. Abandoned in the late 60s, the house was transformed into a giant dollhouse by Saskatchewan artist Heather Benning in 2007. Walls were replaced with plexiglass on the north side — opening up the colorful interior and showing off the 60s period furniture Benning used to recreate a look from the same time period that the home was abandoned". found over at jillsies.

At Right: Reece Terris' Ought Apartment. I didn't mention much about it on this post, because I wanted you to be intrigued and look it up, rather than rely on my opinion of the project to get an impression of how extraordinary it is. Here is the Vancouver Art Gallery site's link. Also- if you want further info, I can send you the pdf about this work put together by Terris.

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