found photographs -- summer

Not only does Anja grace the cover of the next issue of Paris Vogue, she
also stars in this amazing spread.

I always love candid photos of Daul Kim. She kind of seems like
she'd fit right in with my girlfriends.
via garbagedress

Dana Claxton Baby Girlz Got a Mustang 2008,
From The Mustang Suite. Collection of the artist.

This photo does not need a caption. It's all in the smile.

Karlie K., you supah-cool vixen.
via inkylips

Possibly the best photograph I've ever seen on

Here's what I wish my photographs of this same subject looked like.
Photograph by Matt Savage.

So i took this shot from Big Tiny Small's facebook,
because I think he's a pretty cool cat, and this photo is so excellent.

Remember when I said gold booties?
i forgot to mention that this shade of pink (by Revlon Matte) is also a
crucial part of the whole "look" equation. I love this shade of pink. I want more
variations on it.. suggestions?

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