Found Photographs -- Tuesday

Photograph by Ivan Zhao

Naomi in Viktor and Rolf.
This image is fashionphiles' header. great blog, too.

this "chair" from todayandtomorrow

i just think this is really pretty and natural. Is that thing on the table an ice crystal?
via erinjanenelson

photos like this are Kiki's specialty.
via Raben-Schwarz

find Sasha!
via vogueroine

Here's a still from Olivier Dahan's showcase of the lady dior handbag.

Aerial photograph of Vancouver's Public Library found over at Ponymalta.

In my dreams, this is how I see myself.
This photograph basically sums up what I am aimingfor at all times: hair down, skinnies,
loose T, cute jacket, and brown wedges (brown+black=loves).
AND: a hot car. on a pier. i could go on..
found over at filippa's.

See above image caption. replace wedges with gold shoes. apply to this photo.
found at panache-halloweentown

Here is yet another edition of the look. This is the "country" version.
huge black hoodie, sheer white tee, sky-high pony tail, and chucks.

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magdalyn said...

that chair is wonderful