Found Photographs

V magazine cover.
choose your weapon!
I choose Claudia.. with Daria as 2nd best.

Ground Zero in nyc.
photograph by callah
I love new york this time of year.. wish i could go.

photograph by Sandra Freij.
via lundlund.

photograph by sam falls.
look closely to see the plane.

Photograph by Luis Monteiro for Tatler Magazine, model JP.

Photograph from December's Jalouse magazine.

It's my favorite french actress!
via gille-k

love the old woman socks+metallic heels combo.
from galerieparisienne.

It's been too long since I posted some Lara. I feel better now.
From bohemianpunk.

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♥ Callah said...

yay! my picture in your blog!
(i am easily pleased lol)