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Toronto. Queen and Spadina.
via verbadjective.

Possibly my favorite building ever. And i've never even seen it (it's in Malmo, SW).
Santiago Calatrava's Turning Torso. Inspired by the movement of the human spine.
via emma.

Kiki sent me this photo, knowing how much I would love it.
via tobaccoandleather.

It was sooo windy in Victoria when I arrived yesterday. My hair was like this.
The pilots had trouble docking the plane because of waves, wind, and floating logs in the harbour. fun!
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Not my usual themes here, but fits in with the wind thing.
Croatia has a yacht week. By yacht they mean sailboat.
Hopefully one of these days my parents will take me out on the boat to Saltspring or Friday harbour.

Claes Oldenburg’s Ice Bag — Scale C (1971), whose system of motorized fans has been updated.
from nyt.

Patience came to Vancouver with Annie. We had dinner during the hockey game.
We shared delicious martinis, and blackhawks won!!!

Julia R-R. Carine's mini-me. In her New York apartment. via the selby.

IRINA IS BACK!! after a near complete hiatus of two seasons.
here she is in Vogue ITA's May09 issue, photographed by Miles Aldrige.
Lace stockings+watermelon=divine.

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Annie said...

Veronica- it was lovely to meet you this past weekend, and I am honoured to be mentioned in your blog.

I will make sure we indulge in several more martinis should I end up relocating to your beautiful province!