as Kiki and Ish have, im doing the mosaic.

Take your answer for each of the following 12 questions and do a google image search of it:
  • name --Veronica
  • favorite food -- anything my French mother makes. Especially seafood.
  • hometown -- Toronto
  • favorite colour --right now I like this aubergine shade of purple.
  • favorite movie -- Brick
  • favorite drink --Champagne
  • dream vacation -- Reykjavik
  • favorite dessert --crème brulée (thanks, google)
  • self description -- art historian (it's a Rothko)
  • how you are feeling -- le tired. (via toothpaste for dinner)
  • favorite thing in the world --family! My dad is on google.
  • what you want to be when you grow up.-- I am grown up! That's me!

- then go here to make a mosaic of it all!

1 comment:

Kiki said...

cool! Brick = good call. That is a classy pic of y our dad. I really like your mosaic Vero, (is that Veronica Mars in the top frame?)
let's be friends (forever)!