Burberry Resort 2009

Update: Emma Watson is the new face of Burberry!
Photographed by Mario Testino.

model: Anabela Belikova. clothes by Christopher Bailey.
I feel that I had to post my favorite looks from this collection, because I adore the whole thing. I love the effortless fits, the fact that the quality is in the small details, and the fabrics used, and that all of it is in the classic Burberry aesthetic (still built around the classic mackintosh) which means it will be timeless and chic. I love the subdued hues which remind me of the colours of clouds, and those shoes! Finally something with no hint of gladiatorness (so tired of gladiator anything) that stands out. These are clothes I could wear every day- to school, to work, to the movies - without ever having to worry about them being last season.


LHFC said...

sweet collection. love the heels and soft colours. sorry dude, ill try give more links in future! xx

annie. said...

I must own this entire collection. I can barely look at that photograph of Emma Watson without bringing myself to tears over how much I would die for that coat.