found photographs -- mismatched

disclaimer: sorry about this batch. It's been a while since I "found" some of them, and
I have lost some of the sources. This wasn't my intention. Don't freak out. The time-lapse
also explains why they don't fit together so well.

via withinwalkingdistance.
does anyone know where this is?

i miss tab soda.
via src783

Liu Wen outside of the Chloe show, from jak and jil
loving the accidental weird side/across part action!

totally a BC thing, ferries, ocean, birds.
from flickr

Editorial-Smile Magazine-Pig Magazine issue May 09 Models-Sophie Vlaming_Megan Butterworth Photographer-Chris Heads

Charlotte from lefashion

forget the source here but they look delish.
kinda reminds me of my birthday..

photograph from Teen Vogue by Nick Haymes.

another spectacular image by Matt S.
This is Kim K, fashion designer.

Private Affair by Olaf Wipperfurth, styled by Sarah Cobb, Muse #18 Summer 2009

portfolio of these two in a sub/dom theme by stephen klein=heaven!

the world will never have enough Anja.


Kiki said...

the top sculpture is in portland! ^_^

Kiki said...

Also, I love LOVE LOVE all of these, especially the one from Teen Vouge - I think that is an Ashara and of course the BDSM Bruce Willis (why is he still so so hot?) And I posted the Betsey Johnson cupcakes ^_^ xoxooxoxoox

genevieve said...

Yes, that sculpture is in Portland, and we call it the Devil's Testicle. At least I do!