Found Photographs -- Monday

backstage photo by Masato!

Zana's equivalent of a magazine scan.
"No uniforms, no outfits, only simple forms, ample and comfortable that
one can mix depending on mood and time"

sequin dress in tenements.. photograph by ezvt

this look from Erdem resort 2009

could your lower halves be any more swedish/stylish?
via drommarsstad

so turns out I'm not the only one with old classics like The Boss on her iphone..
this image from xraymachine

photograph via wig-wag-bam

this via tiny vices
installation by Matthieu Lavanchy

this sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy

photograph by alex howard via outthereoverthere


die tägliche revolution said...

LOVE swedish style!!


Kaitlyn said...

i love goldsworthy passionatly

Kimmy said...

I like the feel of masatos photo but upon closer inspection the models frames scare me.