Found Photographs - Monday

everything in this picture gets a "YES!"
via reveriie

Lara in Vogue Russia
Via anniieemal

Ish's freckles!
Photograph by Matt at TheVicChic

sequin blazer+hairrrr
via tildejansson

my version of romantic summer.
Via Raben-schwarz

hairrr + ocean
via purelikegolddd

Daria in Indian Summer by Patrick Demarchelier
Vogue UK June 2009.

and finally: Breton-style nautical striped tee + hairrr
Frieda Rose's flickr


isavirtue said...

i love "hair + ocean" as you so aptly named it. i'm always hoping my own "windy day" pictures will turn out as sexy and myusterious. they usually end up playful and totally laughable.

magdalyn said...

these are all amazing