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think about it.
via grey

why did it take me so long to clue into the fact that these two are sisters??
we are hardcore Bones fans at the moment here at home.. and Zooey has always
been one of my favourite quirky indie-girls.

From Vogue July 2009- photo of Lily by Terry Richardson.
visine is my friend in the summer months especially, boo allergies.

F* yeah lykke li!
photo by Maja

i want to buy this plaster beaver skull. It comes with gold teeth, too.
via etsy

i will never get tired of wheat fields, in any advertisement, or in general.
hannah macGibbon Kasia Struss, Sigrid Agren, and Karlie Kloss, in Spanish fields where they were captured against in April, as styled by Marie Amelie Sauve
Via fashionologie
Christy Turlington for YSL.. still has it.

Alva Aalto's Artek armchair in glossy black. Want!! Need!!

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Kaitlyn said...

i know right???? i ONLY just realized that emily and zooey were sisters. i love zooey and didn't realize till i saw emily's last name on actress archives that they MUST be related.