sunday: work 9-8
monday: walk around vancouver, ferry home with dad
tuesday: run errands, meet with MB, (belated) father's day dinner, hopefully see Kiki.
wednesday: work 8-5 ( then staff meeting=free pizza)
thursday: work 9-6 -- birthday dinner with Marnie.
friday: work 8-5
saturday: work 9-8
sunday: work 7-4

Next week I'm off for 4 days! Plans include: haircut, seeing Ish, and season 4 of Bones.
here is a photo of my gross bruise, left knee.


annie. said...

How did you manage to do that?

Veronicahhh said...

slammed knee into leg of computer table while running for the phone. FML!

Ish said...

Seeing Ish! Hooray!