Annie Pootoogook

In the Summer Camp Tent 2002
This spring I went to Assume Nothing at the AGGV with Paish. Among the many phenomenal Canadian artists featured in the show was Annie Pootoogook, who lives and works in the Inuit hamlet of Cape Dorset. We were blown away.
Today I noticed she is featured in the New York Times art section! I'm elated. She is a Canadian artist (how many of those can you name that you like.. do you need more than two hands to count?) and she is being recognized internationally! I'm not the least bit surprised, her art affected me in many ways.. Paish and I were struck at how simple her drawings seem at first glance, but how loaded with meaning the scenes she depicts really are.
As I.G. would say: Get Familiar, Brainiacs!

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donna said...

Ooo, I agree that there aren't very many really inspiring, really interesting, really innovative Canadian artists, but we're def getting there.

I think Canadians are just too wrapped up in who they want to be vs. who they really are, magically blame the US, etc.