Found Photographs

If you've seen me recently (which I'm sorry not many of you have), you've seen me
rocking this look 24/7. It's just too convenient, and on these hot summer days, my
long hair just feels like a fur stole if I leave it down.
this cutie from turnedout.

My plan is to start incorporating more art into the founds.
Here is a still from Owen Kydd's video Sergei and Maria (1999).
The installation included nine LCD monitors of various dimensions, and
was 5 minutes long. All info available at Monty Clark Gallery in Vancouver.

This image is an e-gift to Kiki.
From the Lorick Fall09 lookbook styled by Tom Hines.

im hoping you've all seen skins, or at least the first two seasons of it (they were the best)
Here's Kaya, in InStyle UK's July issue.
via truenorthstyle

Hanne Gaby let supreme take pictures of her at her place in Chinatown, Nyc.
here she is with her painting from Webster Hall.

Gaspard Ulliel & Clémence Poésy
via frenchghosts

Seeing Garance like this with her Sofia LV handbag makes me feel like the
world is unfair. But then I look at a few of my things, and I realize
that (after all) I'm doing alright.. one day.. sigh.
via jakandjill

Via ErinJaneNelson
totally surprised it's not all over tumblr yet.

YES!! YES!!!
I wish for this when I see shooting stars. Not the girl, but her shoes.

Supermodel Skateboards, of course.

The longing for Iceland continues..
Blue Lagoon from whatpossessedme.

Me this winter. I can wait.

Ish+baby animals=adore

This somehow seems like it's from the movie Cold Mountain should have been.
ahh Chanel, always a step ahead. Everyone is still doing zippers, shoulders,
and ripped up shorts and sequins, and you've already moved on to our next obsession.
I'm sold on settler-chic.


magdalyn said...

all so good! i love that picture of garance as well. and im glad you're rocking that bun. very much your style

Noah Ferguson said...

I took the goat pic. The other one, where she has two goats and one is nibbling her handbag, is also adorable.


somedaynewyorker said...

Great photos. I love that closet photo. Im slightly currently obsessed with other peoples closets.