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Leave it to slate to finally have an article about something I've had as a mild obsession in the last few months. Ish sent me the link to this article, which describes why there is so much crime fiction coming out of Scandinavia, and why it is so successful. Now, my interest hasn't been limited to mysteries and thrillers, but I wanted to give you my faves from what I've read so far. I have a few more I'm working on, but these have definitely stood out. Happy reading!

Arnaldur Indridason Jar City. Remember that I've already told you that you should read this book. You even get a reward, you can watch the movie!
But seriously, this book is pretty much the greatest piece of fiction I've read in ages. And not just because it's set in Rejkjavic. Although I am very into Rejkjavic.

Henning Mankell Side-Tracked. This book is part of the Kurt Wallander series. Wallander is the cool kind of cop- introspective, brilliant, and tortured. This series came highly recommended by Peter Shepherd, who always seems to know what I want to read when I come in. I must say, this is the kind of book you can't put down, though the translation is a little wonky at times.

Liza Marklund Paradise. Here's a great muder mystery. Saying it is written by a woman shouldn't be a big deal, but it is written from the perspective of an intelligent, gorgeous, female reporter. This woman is my heroine (no laughing). I loved this book. Moves at a quick pace, and is set in Stockholm. I seem to have misplaced this one, so if I lent it to you I want it back.

Knut Hamson The Growth of the Soil. I have been trying to push this book on a number of people recently.. telling them it will make them a better person, and that it will change their entire outlook on life,etc... I say that because that is the effect it had on me. Can't really tell you much more except.. read it. It won a nobel prize for lit. yeah.

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