Volksfest 2009

Volksfest is held annually at Gyro Park in Cadboro Bay, and is organized by the Volkswagen Club of Victoria, Dubbers.com.
Participants are given a label for the windshield identifying their VW, and are given a ballot where models are split into AC and WC (air and water-cooled engine).
Every year, any kind of vanagon, camper van, bus, etc. you can imagine is entered.

But that variety is also present in the younger gen's dubs. We were loving almost everything about this mk 2.

Check out these new gtis. The dilemma is which to vote for.

Volksfest this year was windy and cold. We came prepared with coffee and donuts, but had expected the weather to be as warm as it had been on Saturday. Not so.
Here is Jon's 02 vw gti 1.8t with the new wheels! If you want more specs, inquire within.


Present at the show were two Things, as well as a Caddy, and a couple of dune buggies. They were classified as "other".

There were bugs dating from every era imaginable, and in every shape imaginable. Some outfitted like this one. Many were slammed. A couple were rocking the roof racks complete with suitcases and surfboads. One has a custom plate that read "Y GRWUP".

Possibly the coolest entry at Volkfest. There were "oohs" and "aahs" when he rolled in, and a small growd was gathered around all afternoon.

Here's a look at the Fahrenheit edition, with Lambo paint!
Not usually a big fan of this creamsicle orange, but on a car it's perfect.

There were a few Karmann Ghias at Volkfest, which are quite possibly the most classy, stylish automobile I've ever seen. You never see them out except for these kind of special occasions.

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