autumn is approaching

Here are a few things I am looking forward to:
  • Back to school. But with no more 501!
  • New digs. more on that later.
  • Hopefully, new furniture.
  • Leaves falling from trees, and making noise under my feet.
  • boot weather, scarves weather, coat weather.
  • dark skies and rain.
  • Hours in the library on dreary evenings.
  • Weekly Robertson.
  • No More Commuting!
  • Nick is coming back!
  • It won't matter that I am this "fair"(read: not tanned).
  • Fall vegetables: pumpkins, tomatoes, apples, etc.
  • And- only for the sake of movie watching- shorter days.


is a virtue said...

nice legs hot stuff.

i also love:
new school years!
new furniture!
leaves crunching under my feet!
pretty boots!

magdalyn said...

yay for boots, scarves, robertson, and coats.
please let me be present for the purchasing of your new digs<3

Anonymous said...

what is robertson?

i am interested how you will layout your apartment. and when you will be having a housewarming. ??? hehee


Veronicahhh said...

hi mmm
once all my stuff is in (if it fits) i'll have you over for drinks (standing).


Kiki said...

Also, new season of America's Next Top Model sometime this fall!!!

Anonymous said...

What is robertson? Should i know?

pull me to the loop!