This week I have watched only 80-90s movies. Rather unexpectedly, with these 80s classics came a lot of Jack Donaghy err Alec Baldwin. It's been fun.

At left, Harrison Ford in Working Girl (starring Melanie Griffiths). If this movie taught me one thing, it's that if a woman fights to get ahead in this world, she is always fighting for another woman's job, and if she wins, the best she can get is an entry-level position. And if flicks like The Devil Wears Prada have shown us anything, it's that in the years between 1988 and now, we haven't improved one bit.
But how handsome was Harry when he was young!!

I know everyone has seen Desperately Seeking Susan about a million times, but it somehow seems more relevant, fashion-wise, right now. I mean, Balmain has made us starstruck with sequins and diamonds, and here was Madonna in 1985 with her "Jimi Hendrix" studded jacket! A jacket she trades in for black studded booties. Now, those booties are
everywhere these days! I know we claim to have re-interpreted the eighties to give the look a contemporary feel (as in, big shoulders, but with no weird ponytails) but this movie confirms we've basically come full circle.

Ok, then last night, it seems we had run out of movies, so we watched one my mom gave me ages ago (who knows why she kept this). Malice, starring Bill Pullman, Nicole Kidman (when she was young and gorgeous - pre-botox, pre-consumptive look), and Alec Baldwin. Very enjoyable, and if the plot doesn't grip you, you'll have fun seeing a teenaged Gwyn Paltrow being a bratty student, and laughing at everyone's jeans.

Side Note:
We watched Transsiberian on blu ray. IT WAS SO GOOD.
And it's true what they're saying: Once you go blu ray, you'll never want to go back... Except to watch eighties trash!
You all know I'll watch anything with Sir Ben Kingsley, but don't miss this one! So far it's in my top 10 for 2k9. Has made me realllly want to take the Transsiberian railway across Russia. The seed was planted by this travel journal by Ian Frazer in the New Yorker (NOT TO BE MISSED), and now I'm planning this into my future.

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Anonymous said...

Vero! I LOVE working girl. It's in my top 10 movies of all time. I just can't help me. I love young Mel, young Harry and of course I love me a little side dish of Joan Cusack!