found photographs

Kate caught by SSS

I will never tire of looking at Clémence. Especially if she is going to keep
giving us that faun face in her gorgeous basic tees.

please send me this magazine.

Ish, what happened to that mod, Mondrian-esque
dress you wore that night to the bashment? I liked it.

These are Margiela rings+brooches.
as you can imagine, i want them realllllll bad.

another instant reblog.

oh Cat Power you seduce me to no end. with your maple syrup, melancholy voice,
and your dark dark eyeliner..
photograph by Maciek Kobielski via

round this found off with Carine and Lara.

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Ish said...

I wore it again Kimmy's birthday at the Ice Cream Social, and then forgot it in Vancouver. It will be waiting for me tomorrow when I move, and will make more appearances in the future.