Wake (2004)

My visit to Seattle this weekend was much too brief. But I was overjoyed to visit a few things while I was there. While I only spent a little while at each attraction, I can tell you the effect was profound.

Olympic Sculpture Park is located in downtown, at the junction where Alaskan Way meets Pier 70. There are some really phenomenal outdoor sculptures there. Among them, a particularly good Ellsworth Kelly, a whimsical Cales Oldenburg, a Calder, a Caro, a couple di Suveros, and I could go on. I took many photos, and I might show you a few of them one at a time.
This sculpture by Richard Serra, Wake, dated 2004, is located right new the actual entrance and museum, rather than on the promenade you take to visit the park. It's in a section which is sunken below the hill atop which stands the plaza, in a space called the Gallery, below the Gates Amphitheater.

The pamphlet they give out at the Park (suggested donation $1) states the following:
"For Richard Serra, space is a substance as tangible as sculpture. He uses materials and scale to alter perception and to engage the body. The towering, curved-steel forms of Wake were achieved with computer imaging and a demilitarized machine that once made French nuclear submarines. Wake is composed of five identical modules, each with two S-shaped sections positioned in inverted relation to one another-gently curving serpentines on convex and concave parts that suggest tidal waves of profiles of battleships. Wake's powerful silhouette belies a complex configurations of parts; the whole cannot be known at once but can only be experiences with movement and over time."

click for larger.

I've probably mentioned this before on the blog, or to you in person if you were kind enough to let me go on about him, but Richard Serra, to me, is one of the Michealangelos of our time. I cannot say enough about his sculptures, and I have only seen a handful. If you've been in YYZ airport recently you might have seen one, too, and there is a great one located in the Tuileries in Paris. They are so unexpected. Completely disarming, and yet very approachable.


♥ Callah said...

this looks cool.

magdalyn said...

i reeaally enjoyed the one at yyz, i spent some quality time with it.
i think the use of space as a medium is such an interesting contemporary idea.. relevant on so many levels