Today I began my grown-up life, and successfully (read: didn't fail too hard) to guide a tutorial. The nervousness that had accumulated in the pit of my gut subsided when I realized that most of my students are eloquent, polite, and spectacularly eager. This could be fun!
Meanwhile I am still in heavy negotiations with my folks about seating for my apartment, as it turns out the black chairs I originally wanted might be needed in Afghanistan sometime in the near future. I'm beginning to think that the only way I can have my friends warm this place is by having them sit in my boat while they are here.
These photos are mostly to show you my goshdarn hair and how obscenely long it somehow became. Consider this fair warning that I have made arrangements to have it cut, and I don't want any tears later!
In other news I have way too much going on but all is well. Please contact me if you would like my new mailing address. Bye for now, I'm off to watch Cléo de cinq à sept (finally! thanks, Mag).


magdalyn said...

yay enjoy!

congrats on the tutorial, i will ask for details in rl

Anonymous said...

I will sit in your boat!