Found Photographs - Tuesday

walking distance
when i grow up i will live here.

photo by youandeye

This dress still kills me. I wish I had more opportunities to wear it.
Maria wears it too snug for my taste, but I love the buttons done up.

ANJA. the world is not enough for you. via

Greatest Louvre photo. via Jillsies

In case you were wondering, Robert Redford was a fox once upon a time.

This scene in Inglourious Basterds where Shosanna is sitting at a cafe with her
cute hat and her glass of red wine and her cute snarl made me extremely happy.

gobsmacked. Heidi, I love you.

Bulldog? check. Smile? check. Birkin? check. I could go on and on.

Gordon Matta-Clark Fake Estates.

The most PERFECT perfecto I've ever seen.

Milla! at her home.


magdalyn said...

i loveeed shoshanna there as well.

the birkin picture is one of my favorite recent ones of her. she has such a young energy, and i like that she actually USES it

magdalyn said...

the bag i mean

-h said...

hedi klum seems to always be pregnant. her and natalia.
robert redford is still handsome. why is that men still stay good looking as they age, but women look awful??! it's something i envy about the opposite sex. that and their shoes.

Veronicahhh said...

heidi is preggers with her 4th, so she does always seem knocked up lol.

i think women age beautifully if they take care of themselves (stay healthy, don't smoke). i think it's a myth that women don't stay gorgeous forever.