Found Photographs

Plan-séquence by Sølve Sundsbø, styled by Samuel Francois, Numéro #51
the world needs more gold jackets.

84/85 recently used this. but they did not point out that there are many
airplanes actually visible in the shot on approach for landing.
check out the flickr to see it up close.

Körperkunst by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer, Vogue Germany September 2009

hello pretties! there is a lot of blond going on right now..
Kasia Struss and Viktoriya Sosonkina at Anna Sui via

Irina's new do is scarily similar to Tao Okamoto's,
but I definitely adore it.

Behati in Flair October 2009. I will buy the issue just for this shoot.
I once saw a girl on the bus in Victoria who looked just like Behati, so much so that I
actually told her.. then spent forever explaining who Behati Prinsloo was and how to
pronounce and spell her name. big mistake.... if you don't know I can't tell you!

This is Diane Kruger, I think. If I lived in California I would dress like this
every single day.

Here is a sequin blazer for Mag.


magdalyn said...

ohh its a good one too!

-h said...

i am in love with that coffee mug.

is a virtue said...

do they call that a catch 22? - if we don't know who behati prinsloo is you cannot tell us? but alas if we know...we do not need you to tell us!

i also had a wonderful laugh when i saw that mug!