Visit to Ontario

This trip to Ontario was so wonderful. My older cousins have had the most beautiful children, my aunt's wedding reception was fantastic. The band was great, the food was delicious, the weather perfect, and their house is on Shemong Lake. Talk about perfect setting. I wish the whole family could get together like that more often.

Here are photos of my cousin's 2 week-old daughter Georgia Theodora with me. My poor bf has had to hear me go on and on about babies since, but she was just too adorable. Also, please ignore my claw-hand in the first photo. It only looks that big because she was that small!


magdalyn said...

omg so precious

is a virtue said...

there is something so fascinating about these photos. for starters, your face is flushed and i have never seen that on you. also, your hair looks great. no connection.

Anonymous said...

so sweet!