A Perfect Murder

An old friend sent me an email this weekend about A Perfect Murder. It's an older flick, so most of you have probably seen it. After a quick acknowledgment that the hate on Gwyneth and goop is completely unfair, she had me marveling at how amazing the styling was!
Cosima has always had the best eye for style, and has impeccable taste. No wonder, her dad is an amazing hair stylist, and she is one of Ontario's most up-and-coming DJs.
She said: "I was watching A Perfect Murder (that Gwyneth Paltrow and Michael Douglas Hitchcock remake from 1998) and was totally in love with the styling for the movie." The screen shots she sent me (below) do not do the styling justice. While still being reminiscent of a Hitchcock remake, it is utterly contemporary to the late '90s, too.
Any thoughts? As you can guess, I'm particularly fond of looks 1 and 5, with the carré en soie neatly tucked under the blouse/sweater for just a splash of colour under those otherwise austere and structured garments. #5 with the fur shrug is beyond inspiring.


iheartpaish said...

Veronica, omg, as lame as this is going to sound A Perfect Murder has been one of my favourite movies since it came out. I have it on DVD. You are right. I am completely in love with everything Gwyneth wears in the film. You are right, the styling is fantastic. Thank you for blogging this. I need to watch it again ASAP.

Veronicahhh said...

no no no annie, this is the opposite of lame!

-h said...

ive only seen bits of this movie. i think she does look like grace kelly so it was a good choice.