portents of fall

Veronicahhh edition.
blog post idea from ponymalta. I copied her because I really like autumn.
update from this post back in late summer.
  • Chestnuts and their prickly casings on Cook St. If I have given you a chestnut that I found this last week (or left one on your desk-- that was me!) it is because you are special.
  • Crispy copper-coloured maple leaves (not leafs!) on campus and around town.
  • ...hockey season! And now Victoria has a pub downtown that shows hockey games woo!
  • Watching raindrops in puddles on Broad from my apartment window.
  • Seeing your breath in the cold if you are up early (like moi).
  • Deciding which coat/blazer/jacket/vest and scarf/scarves/hat/glove combinations to wear.
  • Cold weather vegetables and dishes.
  • The return of all tv shows! In no order: ANTM, Dexter, Bones, The Office, ProjRun, etc.
wearing ish's old jeans from clothes swap 2k9, HM sheer longsleeve tee, lined deerskin mocs from Cowichan Bay Trading Co.

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is a virtue said...

i can't express how much i love this picture of you