Welcome to my home

Dear friends,
Please excuse my hiatus while I do the following things:
-finish moving.
-wait for Shaw to have time to reconnect me to the internets (wait time for installation: two weeks. One week to go..)
-go to Ontario for a few days this weekend.
-figure out how to get my doorbell to work.
-convince my parents to give me the other two black armchairs (not the Eames chair in the corner, the rest of the set of the black one against the wall).
-Enjoy homemade coffee beverages with steamed warm milk courtesy of this relic from my daddy-o (shown below).

A few other notes:
-the boat you see under the window was my cradle when I was a baby. My champion made it for me himself, and I was even in a magazine in it (boat magazine). He made it with non-toxic paint and finished it with tung oil because he didn't want to poison me. Though my mom used it to put houseplants for a time, it is now where it belongs, with me!
-The photograph on the exposed brick wall is by Adam Gilmer. I like it and you do, too. You might enjoy his website. His dog Sid ate sand but recovered nicely.
-I can't tell you exactly where I live because I'm afraid of the weirdos on the intarwebs who are hunting for me. But I can tell you that where I live is very, very excellent!
-the title of this blog post is a reference to Brenda Dickson. RIP-- her videos have been copyrighted off youtube. Sad, sad days.


is a virtue said...

Looks beautiful and very artsy and new yorky. beautiful light.

Jill said...

So lovely! The boat is a wonderful touch.

♥ Callah said...

looks amazing. I also enjoyed a home brewed latte today. Yum.

Noah Ferguson said...

What a lovely looking space. Glad you're my neighbor now.


PS take me for drinks!

magdalyn said...

im obsessed with your cradle, and the apartment looks so great.
and i like this post in general. congrats lady!

iheartpaish said...

This is amazing Veronica. It does certainly sound very, very excellent.

You And Eye said...