Found Photographs -- Saturday

Padma Laksmi's bedroom. from Harper's Bazaar.
Love the portrait over the headboard, definitely.

Ok these are so beyond ironic, i don't even know how to describe them.
Recently I had a conversation about stupid designer stuff (like LV garbage bags)
but these are right at the top of the list. Are they usable? or works of art?
via xraymachine

This woman is just incredible. I'm inspired every time i visit her blog.

Karl shooting the new Chanel campaign with Claudia in Buenos Aires.

Grey has a whippet, a breed I consider to be be Lamborghini of dogs.
Plus, how can you not fall in love with this photo. Consider this my future dog.

Great watch of the week.

This is for Chips, because we both love the little prince.
This is a card from PostSecret France, and it
says "I want to die because I not longer believe in love".
ps I love anything St Exupery anything.

Vintage KM with her best hair ever.
by Mario Testino, Dutch Magazine *34

Taylor Warren in Jalouse October 2009.

How is it that French women are the epitome of style? This look kills me.

Adam Gilmer as a model. He thinks he is a surfer/cabby. But his true calling
is as a model. He is also an artist. And his dog is rad.

Alma has had me obsessed basically since I started looking at blogs on the internet.
This acne boots/shredded/layered look and her long hair? i am obsessed.

Ok see this coat from the Don the verb lookbook?
yeah, it's don the verb, and my winter coat is the same but better.. and I got mine
at hm. Though I'm famous for chronically underdressing when it gets cold here, when I do
put on a winter coat, i feel perfect in this one. Round shape, wrapping neck piece, like a tulip

So here is your weekly dose of Devon Aoki with what is definitely the
most exciting bracelet I have ever seen (Margiela).

Your weekly Clémence Poésy.



Kimmy said...

Yay for Claudia ! I love looking at photos of her. She is age-less as far as I am concerned.
Great Watch.
Adam does look like a professional babe. Maybe he should make it surfer/model/ cabby. Modeling could get him essentially paid to surf some epic world class breaks.

magdalyn said...

you NEED that margiela bracelet