found photographs

Georgia May Jagger for your viewing pleasure.
from VanityFair.

Karo at FashionFlash is tempting me with this unconventional fringe vest.

Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier. Modernism at its best.
photo of and by Begum.

everything in Vancouver leaks, not just leaky condos.
here's the Vancouver Art Gallery mid-flood.
from jillsies.

Why don't men dress more like this nowadays? I'm bored of hipsters,
nuravers, ballers, jocks, ravers, goths, and nerds. I want old school rock and rollers.

I have been looking for a sheep-trim bomber-style jacket like this FOR AGES.
I'm holding out til I find the perfect one.

Now you don't need to picture Bob having breakfast at a little hotel in France.
This is what it looks like. He is my hero.
also: fashioney people please note the handbag on the desk under the window.
via breeapperley


I love these shoes. I wish I had opportunities to wear them more. Elenita reminded me.

this is for Kimmy.
if i was at an auction I would buy this only to be able to brag forever that I own it.


Kimmy said...

WOW ! Thanks Vero.
My heart pangs at anything Marlon has touched.

I want men to dress like old school rockers too.
Plus wear classic watches like this one.

ryder said...

i like georgia because she looks like lara stone.

Jowy said...

Lil miss Jagger is stunning!

One Love,

young-shields said...

lovely collection. especially bob. claire, y-s x

MARISA said...

great collection of photos
love the watch like woah!

Anonymous said...

great founds!

oh how i pine for rocker dress on men...

Anonymous said...

♥♥♥ balenciaga


House by Le Corbusier ... nothing else has to be said as I'm a huge fanatic of modern classics.