Found Photographs

So sorry I lost the source, but best gif evarrrrr
This is why I am always grumbling. I'm part of the 1%, and we seem to be going extinct.

This vest, please. lisa

From Talulah's lookbook.

So I see h&m have the jacket I want (see below). Seeing it done up so so well (above)
makes me want one even more. I need to get to Van, stat.

See previous post about Charlotte's new single. This photo from her website (free download
available if you sign up, fyi).


I want a quilt.

This woman is the epitome of style:
Complexgeometries "Four Hole" top, Splendid cardigan, S&N faux leather pants, Hermès "CDC" bracelet, Chloé large "Edith" bag, Martin Margiela 12 boots.

Danielle takes great photos, and has one of the few tumblrs I check regularly.

AF Vandervoost ftw

Your weekly dose of Daul Kim, by Yvan

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