Style Like U: Geoffrey Young

This video basically sums up the aesthetic I am always going for. It may seem odd that it's a male's wardrobe, but I love wearing things that are unisex in every sense of the word (colour, fit, fabric, etc).
Don't let his awful valleygirl drone tune you out. Wait til he gets to the good stuff. Like his j-shape pants, made from super stretchy fabric and cut into the shape of a half circle, so that they wrinkle in the first just so. Or his horse hide jacket, which I am still swooning over. I love the idea that he makes things for himself, like the scarves, and his belt buckles. I love his big boots, which are special to him because he appreciates how and where they were made, and by whom. I will be referring to this video over again this fall and winter for ideas.

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also, i know im a nerd, but you can get into stephan jenkins' wardrobe here too!


Anonymous said...

this was interesting. however. i'm going to have to disagree on the ironing point.

Anonymous said...

p.s. GOD i want that closet!!

Veronicahhh said...

seriously? i never iron anything

Anonymous said...

you don't have anything that warrants ironing so you're all set.

Anonymous said...

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thanks for sharing the inspiration and thanks for your sweet comments
i love your blog, keep it up
ive linked you!!

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