Halloween Costume : Leeloo Dallas

Leeloo Dallas happens to be one of my favorite movie characters of all time. If you haven't seen The Fifth Element (ahem, Nick) then see it. I'm planning to wear my costume to impress my students the Friday before Halloween. I might have to censor the "suspenders" a bit.
Now I need your help to find an orange wig, and the gold leggings, as they seem to be sold out on the AA site.
Are you dressing up?


Anonymous said...

i have the gold leggings but in Toronto! damn

i am going to be a carrot and shaun a bunny


Kiki said...

The wig is the selling feature, so even if you can't get gold leggings, just focus on the wig. Last time I was at decade they had lots of gold AA leggings. ^_^ try there. Try some of the big online costume places that guarantee shipping before halloween and call Victoria costumes to see if they have one.

Anonymous said...

just keep in mind that tights are a privilege, not a right, and that there really isn't time left before Halloween to slim down...

Kiki said...

Found it!

Just cut the ugly pumpkin stem off the top of it and add some product so that it looks semi-dreadlock-y like Leeloo's does and you're set. They garuntee delivery before halloween and it's only 13 bucks.