Tuesday Doppelgangers

I'm not the kind of person who gets confused for other people very often. However, when I saw this photo on tumblr, I kind of minorly freaked, as I had to doublethink to be sure it wasn't a photo of me. This girl is wearing my ice cream hat, has my holga, and appears to be wearing one of my black shirts (this one is harder to narrow down). Anyway, it's not me.

When I saw this brochure over at Veneto/Breve, I became seriously mystified. This is scary. But I looked a little more closely and realized that her eyebrowns are fuller (prettier) than mine, but that her hands look like a troll's in comparison to mine (vanity moment: i have nice hands), and I admitted that this couldn't be me. But it was close!


♥ Callah said...

Those are creepy!

Kimmy said...

The first one is terrifying. I thought it was you from my top sites list then upon closer reading was shocked.

Fleurette said...

Ahh, merci pour ton commentaire. En fait, je suis de "retour" avec un nouveau blog en norvégien, mais c'est très très mauvais. je n'ai pas des inspirations pour le moment :(


Anonymous said...

Dont have a bad week shutterbug! These girls aren't you! You are too pretty to be half hidden!

love marnie