Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Today in one of my classes, a fellow student did a presentation on the medals created for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.
Now, I know that everyone is divided over the Olympics. There have been many disputes since Vancouver was awarded the games. The detractors have very good reason to lament them, but I am trying to see both the positive and negative aspects of the whole situation.
This student presented an article by Tewanee Joseph, who is the CEO of the not-for-profit society representing the four First Nations who will host the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Here are excerpts:
What does this mean? First, the Games provide an opportunity for aboriginal peoples to showcase their cultures, their entrepreneurial spirit, to share a bit of us with visitors from across Canada and around the world. I am convinced the Games can be transformational. And the Olympics are providing jobs and development to local aboriginal communities; some living in isolated rural areas recognize the Games as an economic stimulus package helping them during the economic downturn.

(...)The numbers speak for themselves. To date more than 100 aboriginal businesses are working on Gamesrelated activities for a total of more than $53-million.
What a revelation to hear about the impact of the games on local First Nations communities from someone from is actually from one of those Nations! I feel like I have so much to say about these issues (I wrote about one of them here, and I haven't even gotten into the discussion about the medals themselves), but in this case, I defer you to the article.

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♥ Callah said...

interesting stuff. I'm excited to go to the games, despite all the controversy!