Chanel Iman for Victoria's Secret

Congratulations to Chanel Iman! It has just been announced that she will be joining the ranks of Heidi Klum and Doutzen Kroes as a Victoria's Secret angel!
Everyone in the (high) fashion world seems upset over this, and I'm not exactly sure why. Yes, Iman is a fantastic high fashion model. She's been in every magazine, on every cover, and for good reason. But she's also a seasoned veteran of the shows. Each year, she walks for everyone. She can continue to stay in the realm of high fashion and also have lucrative contracts for someone like VS, I think. Especially since her being chosen is an extremely good thing for fashion, in general. How many African American angels are there? How many can you name? Exactly.
You all know I am a huge Chanel Iman fan, but I also admire Jourdan Dunn (far left). I was delighted by the fact that theyre both on the cover of TeenVogue's November issue. Despite rumours of a tiff between them, I want this issue. If you bought it, please lend it to me. I couldn't justify the purchase given the rest of the trash inside that magazine (not my demographic). Last thing I'll mention is how hard these girls work. Not only is Chanel busy with all of the aforementioned and more, but Jourdan walked some shows this year, and she is 5 months pregnant.


a. said...

yeah chanel and jpurdan, both so pretty.
but for victorias secret? i think chanel is ways too thin.

[Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* said...

of course! she is soo pretty!


magdalyn said...

i lovee jourdan.. i think chanel should do what she likes, although i dont really consider vs fashion, so i can see why high fashion is not thrilled. its like going from academy films to romantic comedies

-h said...

i dont know not a fan of chanel iman for VS, she has too much of a girl next door look, which is perfect for their pink line i suppose.

as far as black Angels, the most famous of them all, and CI's mentor: tyra! but there is also selita ebanks (Caribbean) and emmanuela de paula (brazilian). but maybe i only know those 2 because ive always been a big fan of VS.

i hope there is no rift btw the 2 girls, like there was btw naomi and tyra back in their day.