Found Photographs -- Friday 26

It's been a while since I waxed poetic about Lara. Everyone else was talking about her.
But I am excited, because she is on the cover of this month's i-D.

Suspended in a bubble block of Baccarat crystal and powered by temperature
change, Jaeger LeCoultre's Atmost 561 mechanical clock is the work of
Australian super-designer Mark Newson.

Leigh Lezard, your use of feathers here is staggering.
via stylesightings.

This found has a girls with dogs theme. This photograph is perfect.
A redheard, a husky, and iceland. What could be better?

'tis the season.. for red lips.
drawing by Garance.

Though I have big news coming on the wedgeheel front,
it doesn't mean I'm not going to introduce you to these babies.
Fresh from Australia, and I want them too.

If you think I'm an uber nerd (and yes, I am), I should introduce you to my
brother, who is a supra-nerd. He monitors the Sooke reservoir's water levels
as a hobby. That is, when he isn't running marathons.
Oh yeah- good luck with grad school Nick.

This photograph of an arctic char is the best background my desktop has
had in ages. You should try it. Also- eating arctic char is one of the more
pleasant experiences. Photograph by Henrik Bonnevier

everything here gets an A+
by Valeria Lazareva

So here's Dan Martensen at chilling out in his country house.
Needless to say this could feature in one of my interiors post.
this week, I'm thankful for the Selby.


I can't tell but is that Andy Warhol on the bottom of the pool?

All The Real Girls by Stacey Mark, Lula #9 Fall/Winter.

Dear Marnie,
This photograph makes me happy on monsoon Victoria days.

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Mackenzie Yeates said...

ah I want those wedges. SO cute