Found Photographs -- midweek

Probably best photo on the internet award, 2nd week in a row
photo of Ish by Matt Savage

editorial by OakNYC

Natalie Portman may be looking homely in the tabloids these days,
but she sure isn't in the glossies. From V mag.

Long Nguyen in Flaunt Magazine.

By Jaap Scheeren. Via Jennilee

ok random! via other peoples' tumblrs I found out of my students
has his own tumblr, and is a (rather good) photographer.

um incredible.

you all know how much i like chestnuts.
i adore this.
by rabenschwarz

wait a sec, Traina and Chad Muska are together? wtf!
he's lucky it got him into French Vogue, as I consider him to
be the original poseur.


Victoria said...

The wrist-biting picture is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

WOW. that photo of ish is...amazing.

somedaynewyorker said...

The 5th photo is amazing. I love the floating furs.

Ish said...

Poor Matt, I ruined all his film with my inability to look like I have a brain in my head.

Jack Daniel said...

Oh woah, your blog is very interesting!