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For cuteness: twin fawns.

Jalouse Russia, Oct 2005.
So wait, Russia has its own Jalouse and I can't find
the French version anywhere in BC, wtf?

No, it's not a joke. It's Prada firewood.
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Complexgeometries make clothes that are so fantastic, I had
my fashion designer friend KimK use their line as inspiration
for my custom made tees.

this is sort of how I have felt for the last few weeks. Melancholy only looks
this good in Paris though. And seeing as Paris isn't an option atm, I'm trying
to cheer up. via

This is the height of cool for me right now. I like owls. and I want a pony hair jacket.

I should have thought of this.
Temptation, with Iselin Steiro, shot by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris May 2006

Dear Sienna,
I am envious of you every day. And I love you.
And I wish I could see you in After Miss Julie.
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Listen up, gentlemen, take note of this cat.
He is doing everything right. The trench is perfect. The boots are
appropriate. He is clean shaven, has a good haircut, and his jeans are
slim but not too tight. This is all I am asking for.
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Ultimate Want.
Made by Laurel Roth out of walnut, gold leaf, and Swarovski Ctystals.
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This excellent list is something I could have written,
as I am already accomplishing 4/5 of these on a daily basis.
Especially the chocolate milk thing, a habit I picked up from a friend.
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magdalyn said...

lets go to the seine and take that picture. i have one already but i dont think it should be the only one.
for me its a mix of melancholie and staring at orsay thinking *hire me*

Puer Aeternus said...

That list...We could all do better to follow advice from 6 year olds. I work w/ children and they remind me daily what it is to be soulful...otherwise I'd be stuck in front of a I am doing now...I sense Irony here.