Found Photographs Saturday

This is amazing. I'm inspired. With a slew of ultra-blondness in the model world,
all with hair and eyebrows for maximum ethereal potential, here is a brunette who has
bleached her eyebrows for incredible wow effect. I'm seriously considering this, but
my eyebrows are so thin it might just look silly.

JaknJil also does non-shoes quite well. Here are Vlada and Kasia
outside the Rick Owens show. I will be doing my makeup like this for
an occasion in the near future.

Dear Ish,
Remember when you lent me this coast last year? Except yours is grey
and I don't have a sick russian hat. Well, I miss this coat, and thank you for
having lent it to me. Also, I miss you and your red lipstick.
love Vero
image via Trilla

Why, yes, Tilda, you continually amaze me.

So who wants to go to a skatepark with me to take pictures?
via SannaKnows

oh hai Kristen!
Photo by David Sim, Styled by Joe McKenna. Vogue Paris October 2009.
via diorettescans

Modernist Architecture in BC:
BC Binning House, West Vancouver.
via jillsies

by david shama.

So this shoot has just taken the blogsphere by storm, and for good reason.
I am going to be the brave one and show Daria without any clothes on.

from Cover Magazine, november 2009.
photograph by Rick Shane.

Claire Danes you beautiful creature.
from Blackbook, Sept 2009.
Photographed by Sante D'Orazio.



Noah Ferguson said...

Me! I want to go to the skatepark! So fun! I can skateboard!!!


sophielina said...

Thanx for the feature and your incredibly nice words, you're lovely !!