Found Photographs -- Saturday

well played award: Paish!
Opening photo of Ian Frazier's New Yorker article about
his travels through Sibera.

The Kills used to be cool. and I guess they still are if a motorcycle
is involved. via

In my dreams, I live there. With a greyhound cross and an internet connection.

will the hilarity that is PALIN never end?
Palin gave flack to newsweek for choosing this photograph of her, she
deemed it "sexist". What's awesome is that this photo was taken for a running
magazine.. and they aren't typically known for the smut they use. That said,
I realize they'd never put Biden in shorts on their cover, so...

Deep down, I think we always knew that Noah was a gentle forest fawn.
via adventures.

In a new-found commitment to add colour to my wardrobe,
i will be looking for a red dress.
this one is maja's.


Ish said...

I love red. Think of the contrast with your hair. So nice! And obviously, red lipstick forever and ever and ever.... mmm.

magdalyn said...

please please please wear a red dress with matching lips. and make sure i am there

Veronicahhh said...

haha will do. first- i hunt for a red dress.