Givenchy Spring 2010

Dear Ricardo Tisci,
What were you thinking? If this spring and summer all I see are men dressed like this, I am moving to some remote place where the internet hasn't corrupted our idea of style, class, and elegance. Not sure what your big idea was for Madonna's new bf Jesus, but the plaid, print, harem pant, and gladiator sandals combo just made me barf a little. You describe this collection as "Parisian club kid, from day to night". But am I right in saying what you really meant was "Bad hipster meme, from circa 2005"? Or hey, maybe I'm the one losing it and what Miucci did with Prada isn't the picture of refinement (minus the short shorts).

ps. oh and C-3PO called. He needs his shoes back.

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Anonymous said...

So funny.. I posted this EXACT pic to KimK.

PS. I am also coveting wedge boots + I love your blog!

Megan L