Yesterday I was speaking with ponymalta about how bored I am of styleblogs. In recent months, what used to be a fun and original way of conveying differing manifestations of personal style has become a commodified medium of advertising. I used to like blogs because they did what magazines cannot do: speak about fashion openly without any meddling from influencers, advertisers, or labels.
As a result of my becoming disillusioned with the medium of fashion blogging itself, I have resorted to frequenting the oldies, but goodies.
HEL LOOKS was one of my first introductions to Finnish streestyle and the Scandinavian aesthetic in general, and I find myself going back to it constantly. Stockholmstreetstyle is also a perennial favourite. Basically, in a time when everyone has been corrupted (Rumi has a collection for RVCA? Scott S. is photographing for Burberry?), I feel like these sites still hold on to what it was all about in the beginning.
To me, these women above epitomize classic feminine style.


Wendy said...

i gotta agree with you on this!
thanks for sharing on your personal thoughts.. it was brave one, but im glad somebody did it :)


Ish said...

Expect a long-winded personal essay from me in the near future (because I have papers to procrastinate from) on fashion blogs as advertising mediums versus inspiration for development of individual thoughts on style, and the development of dichotomous branches of the style blog universe.

It's a weird transformation. I still love Tavi, though.