Stolen Sartorialist Survey

As stolen by Victoria.


Style icons My mother.
Describe your personal style Mostly black, mostly unisex, mostly one size fits all, and I prioritize natural materials (cotton, leather, wools).
I build my daily look around Outdoor temperature and precipitation.
Personal Style quirk?
I only really wear colour around my neck: French silk scarves.
Best feature?
big eyes?
The first thing I look at in another Sartorialist's outfit ... Shoes.
Favorite stores? Still Life and the internet.
Most stylish city? Paris, no question.
Favorite vacation spot? Spain.
Favorite cocktail?
I prefer champagne.
Favorite place to search for inspiration?
My friends' wardrobes, Paris Vogue, but most of all the blogs (esp. Scandinavian).
Best stylish movies?
Café Lumière, Belle de jour, The Fifth Element, Marie Antoinette, American Psycho, Blowup.
I spend my weekends… Saturday morning with jb, then reading novels, cooking for/drinking wine with/dancing with/watching movies with my friends.


-h said...

sometimes i specifically reference editorials from paris vogue getting dressed, because i find the clothes quite classic (esp. in the en vogue features), but worn in a modern way.

Victoria said...

I also adore your blog - I don't comment too often but I still enjoy all your posts! I also am a big fan of colour around my neck..I go for a solid dark coloured coat in the fall/winter and have a variety of soft scarves. They are the equivalent of centerpieces :-)

francoise said...

Your mother is honored to be an icon but black, never, where did that come from? Black is for repressed sickly ambitious women trying to be like men... and act like jerks.
Wear flowers and colors, assume your feminity always.