091229 -- bruised

have this random bruise under my right lower lash line that kind of makes me look badass (if you can notice it).
just got these new white vans sneakers. i went for a walk in them and i just felt silly, like all anyone could notice were my new, white sneakers.
seriously haven't taken off the turtle-shell scarf since i got it.. i even wear it indoors a lot. it's absolutely perfect.
it was so lovely and sunny here this week, what a treat in December. Sadly the forecast now calls for rain til friday. but don't worry that won't stop us from piling on the eyeliner in exactly two nights time. where are you going to be for nye? and most importantly, which dress will you wear?


Logcabineer said...

Logcabineers do not wear dresses!(at least not in public) I'll probably end up somewhere on a high elevation where ice for gin and tonics doesn't have to be bought or made. Instead of a dress 'nice trunks' and a velvet collar jacket from Swedens finest. http://shop.shoerepair.se/en/product/321/nice-trunks
And a hockeyhelmet with visors for the fireworks. Here's to a wonderful new year and a warm adieu to the old!

♥ Callah said...

I had my mom knit me one of those scarveS not too long ago! Not sure which dress, trying to decide if it's too lame for both my sister and I to wear our new bf blazers at the same party haha.