Ad-Hoc Trajectories: A Sculptural Metaphor for Experience

Installation by Dallas V Duobaitis
Dec. 4, 2009 - Dec. 27, 2009
At the 50/50 Arts Collective

2516 Douglas St., Victoria.

Gallery Hours
Wed-Sun 1-5pm

Though I'd been invited to this opening on facebook, yesterday afternoon I was on a bus on route into downtown, as I we flew by 50/50 this stir-stick construction totally caught my eye. I had about 3 seconds to see it, and I was intrigued enough to check it out last night.
The gallery is completely filled with these part-architectural, part-deconstructivist, part-DIY successes that come together to create what Dallas has called "Ad-Hoc (...)". We were blown away by the details of the construction. Tiny staircases connect suspension bridges with no railings. Despite being to a lego-man's scale, they seem treacherous still. Large mostly free-standing column-like towers have winding staircases ending at the ceiling. Even the lamp fixtures seem to have some of this stir-stick "growth" on them, as if a vine or fungus of the sculpture were invading the inside of the gallery.
Dallas, a friendly cat you'd recognize just by his "artiste" look (my friends and I notice fashion choices) is adamant that it isn't architectural, or any of that. He stated that this work was a step forward from his graduate art show at Uvic last year, and though he has made other works since then that aren't in that same vein, this work is reminiscent of the grad project. He explained that this sculpture, which took him most of two weeks to make with all stolen stir-sticks, was predominantly inspired by Buddhist living and philosophy.
This show is on for a month, which gives you plenty of time to get over to Bay and Douglas to see it. Pop in, it will only take a second. And if you happen to be in the area at night, the lights will be left on all night for passers-by, so you can also enjoy it from outside the white cube. Don't let the overwrought, two-part title joined by a colon keep you away!

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