ask me anything (part II)

ask me anything:

Vero ! I love your blog, I have never left a comment but I come regularly and I really enjoy it a lot ! My question is ... when is your next visit to Grenoble (because I live there now) ? I am coming to Vancouver during the Olympics; my second question is...if you're around would you like to meet up ? C'est tout! Bises. (Monique)

Dear Mona,
I would love to see you! Hopefully you can come visit Victoria (ferry ride away) while you are in Vancouver.
I'll be in Grenoble sometime this spring, as soon as I've defended my dissertation and am all done with my MA. Would absolutely love to see you there! grosses bises, Vero.

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Obésité & Activité Physique said...

Oh how exciting. I will be finishing up M Sc in the spring so if I can't get to Victoria while I'm in Vancouver we'll see eachother in the spring hopefully.
Gros bisous et bonne année