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ask me anything:

Random, but how is katelyn doing? Haven't talked to her for a couple months now! Apart from that, great blog - may not get some of the subtleties but appreciate the art nonetheless :) Brian

If you are talking about Kaitlyn, then I can assure you that she is doing very well. She is looking beautiful, she is going after all of her dreams, and she seems happy and healthy.
Thank you for checking out my blog.. sorry if the subtleties are too subtle, but I'm glad you like the art stuff.

how do you actually feel about your body? i feel like that is a topic that we can't discuss because you always see the beauty in these things... the other day i was playing a game in my mind that i sometimes play. i look at a random women with a great body and think "would i change bodies with that woman even if it meant risking that fact that i would possibly get her flaws?" usually the answer is yes. then i thought, i wonder if my friends ever play this game? when i thought of you i thought, i bet veronica Never plays.

You're right, I don't ever play that game. I try not to envy other women because like you mention, everyone has flaws, and though it wasn't always this way, I'm at a point where I am comfortable with mine.
To answer the first question, I should say that I'm happy with the way that I look. Of course, I have moments when I think it's all wrong, but I try to make those as rare as possible. I'm pretty lucky overall, and I try to focus on the positives (the things I like about my body).
Anonymous, I wish you felt that we could talk about this. It's odd that you say we "can't" discuss this because I do see the beauty in these things. I think that the female form is beautiful no matter what.. and that is worth celebrating (and discussing).
Sorry this answer is so convoluted but I have a lot of ideas and I'm trying to be a succinct as possible here. Hope that answers it?

What attracted you to art history, and what do you plan to do with your degree? Are you interested in teaching, or would you rather work in the commercial realm?

I took an introductory art history course during my undergrad and loved it. I decided to take a few more courses in the department and by the end of 2nd year I realized it should be my major. The reason I like it is mostly that I get to study history through material culture.
Basically, I enjoy art history, and therefore did well in school. I pursued an MA because I wasn't sure what else my next step was going to be and I had the grades.
Though I love being a teaching assistant, I'm not sure I want to be a teacher, nor am I necessarily planning to work in that field.
Basically, I have no idea what I am going to do come April when I'm done.

Why are you so mean?

I'm not a mean-spirited person.
But I do know it might be time for you to start thinking about moving on.

mic check... hello? is this thing on?

haha yes it is!!

Where do you live?

in downtown Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

This is one of the handful or so of blogs that I read regularly, so thanks first of all. Secondly, what does blogging, um, 'do' for you? This isn't meant to sound over the top. I know for me it's a way to write without feeling pressure, a way to turn friends onto new stuff, and also a bad habit, kind of like smoking cigarettes. What do you like about it, does it motivate you, do you see yourself doing it in five years?

Cool question!

I started this blog when I moved to Vancouver, and it became a way for me to keep in touch with my friends in Victoria (and elsewhere). The reason I still blog is that it became kind of like a public diary. I often refer back to it myself, and one day my hope is to print it all out and keep it to look at when I'm old. It's a way for me to share some of the random stuff I find in my adventures on the internet, to share my photos and activities, and learn basic html (lol).
I have no idea if I'll be doing it in five years. I am glad that I have loyal readers (thank you) and the blog's modest popularity partly keeps me going, but I can't predict how long doing it will "do" it for me.

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