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ask me anything:

Which movie could you watch 100 times over and still love it as much as the first time? - secret anonymous cinema enthusiast extraordinaire

This is a good question, and Café Lumière is the first film that comes to mind, with Pulp Fiction as a close second.

Are you going to be cool or what?

Well damn if you ain't so sweet you make sugar taste just like salt.


Kimmy said...

FUCK YEA ! Best quote from Death Proof EVA!

Veronicahhh said...

Kimmy i fucking LOVE you for being on the ball immediately about that <3<3

Jon said...

kekekekeke ^-^

pulp fiction might have been more appropriate though. I like this formspring thing.

a. said...

why you like pulp fiction that much is unclear for me.. but yeah, now i'm going to ask you something...