Duo : City Interiors

At left : Matt Savage Untitled Photograph n/d. From his website AdventuresonFilm
At right: Charles Sheeler Criss-Crossed Conveyors, Ford River Rouge Plant Photograph, 1927.

Sheeler was hired by the Ford Motor Company to document their Ford River Rouge plant in Michigan. He is most renowned for his meticulous renderings of urban landscapes with paint, but his photography offers a rare and unique glimpse into how cities looked in the 1930s. His 1920 film Manhatta, made with the photographer Paul Strand, documents New York City in all its splendor. However, despite Sheeler's work being considered a celebration of urbanization and modernity, there is also a strong sense of foreboding, as if he had an apprehension for the changes taking place too. For more, check out Manhatta, or his depictions of Quaker art.

Matt Savage has an amazing eye for detail. His photographs are always inspiring me to take pictures, and I know I'm often telling you about my friends and what great artists they are, but Matt's work is unreal. He did the photo everyone refers to as "The Mountain" at my place (where was that taken, again?) and you should check out his work and buy some if you can, here.

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